5 Things You Didn’t Know About Red Kidney Beans

1. The fibre, protein and complex carbohydrates in red kidney beans have been shown to help stabilise blood sugar levels and lower blood cholesterol levels in the body.

2. Cooked beans can be frozen for up to six months. Thaw them overnight in the fridge before reheating.

3. Known as a ‘musical fruit’! To prepare beans before cooking, soak the raw beans in water for eight hours or overnight, placing the pan in the refrigerator, so the beans will not ferment.

Presoaking has been found to reduce the oligosaccharides which are the sugars associated with causing flatulence.


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Are Dental Implant Procedures Safe?

One of the questions that the team at Davinci smiles gets asked often is, ‘Are dental implants Safe?’. In terms of the word ‘safe’, different patients are referring to different things. For some, it might be their oral health. Others might be worried about the aesthetic, especially general anaesthetic. And for others, they might be referring to the risks with regards to infection.

It is this third possibility that we will focus on most but let us touch briefly on the other two. First, very rarely will dental implants have any negative impact on someone’s oral health. If the dental implant becomes loose, then it is likely that there may have been some inherent weakness in their jawbone, or their bones in general, that was not apparent at the start of the process.

Also, we usually find that patients’ oral health, rather than diminish, is improved due to the patient having a renewed determination to keep their remaining teeth and their dental implants as healthy as possible.

When it comes to anaesthetic, whether it is a local or a general anaesthetic, here again, problems are an extreme rarity. Each of these is administered by a trained professional, and all safety protocols are in place, including ensuring that the patient is suitable, not only for dental implants but that having a general anaesthetic is not putting them at any risk whatsoever.


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7 Home Remedies That Can Relieve Toothache

One of the most common reasons for anyone to visit a dentist is that they are suffering from toothache. Toothache can occur for a multitude of reasons, and it can last for just a few minutes, or continue all day. The extent of the pain can also differ, with some toothaches being slight and others being excruciatingly painful to the extent of causing a high degree of distress to the person suffering it.

Toothaches can begin at any time, and if you are at home, it might not be possible to see your dentists straight away. That means, until your appointment, you are going to have to suffer toothache. For some reading this, it will be a case of simply grinning and bearing it, but for others, the pain can be so severe that it means that you are unable to follow any of your normal routines.

Whichever end of the pain scale you find yourself, thankfully there are some home remedies for toothache you can use for some relief. Here are seven of the most effective home remedies for relieving toothache.

Rinsing With Salty Water: Salty water rinsing is one of the oldest remedies in existence for toothache, and as is often the case, the old remedies are usually the best. The water helps remove particles of food from your mouth and the salt acts as a disinfect. The solution should be made using a glass of lukewarm water and stirring in a teaspoon of salt.


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5 Dos And 5 Don’ts For When A Loved One Returns Home From Drug Rehab

Whenever a loved one returns home from entering a drug rehabilitation program it can be a joyous occasion, but it can also be fraught with concerns and hesitation. Whilst many of the best drug rehabilitation facilities have programs for the families of drug users to educate and support them so that they can best help the person recovering, unfortunately, many do not.

The problem for a recovering drug user or a person suffering from alcohol withdrawal returning home and their family not being fully aware of how they can best support them is that mistakes can be made. Whilst they may fully intend to and want to do their best, they can inadvertently do or say something which does the opposite.

To try to ensure that a returning family member who is recovering from drug use is given every opportunity to continue their journey towards full recovery, here are five dos and five don’ts which their family and loved ones should abide by.

The Five Dos

Do Learn All You Can About Their Drug Treatment Program: It will serve everyone best if you take the time and effort to learn as much as you can about the drug treatment program your loved one has entered. The more you know the better you will be able to talk about it during discussions with them about their recovery.


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Why Regular Dental Check-ups Can Help Spot The Early Signs Of Oral Cancer

Whilst cancer is not exactly a joyful subject to discuss when it is discussed, people tend to think about cancers they hear about most often, such as lung and breast cancer. One type of cancer that is rarely talked about is oral cancer. Part of the reason might be that people were simply not aware that their mouth could be a target for cancerous cells or that their focus on oral health was towards avoiding cavities, not cancer.

As you may well know, illness and disease do not care whether someone is aware that they exist or not; thus, cancerous cells forming in someone’s mouth can occur whether they know of such an ailment or not. For those of you who know little of or were not aware of oral cancer, we do so not to frighten but to educate. Knowing the symptoms of an illness can often lead to early treatment and recovery.

Causes Of Oral Cancer

Most doctors will tell you that cancer can occur for seemingly no reason. It is truly awful when someone who seems in perfect health, eats well and does not partake in any harmful activities is suddenly blighted by it. However, it is also true that someone with an unhealthy lifestyle is more prone to cancer, and with oral cancer, certain activities are more likely to induce it, such as:

Smoking – Many cancers can be attributed to smoking in some way, and as your mouth is a part of your body filled with smoke with each inhale, it is little wonder that smoking is seen as a primary cause of oral cancer. Also, whilst an increasingly rare activity, the use of chewing tobacco also increases the risk. ​


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Could Botox Help Your Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries and muscle-related conditions can put you out of action for days, weeks, or months. However, some people are now seeing the value in Botox as a treatment method.

Treatment options are abundant for sports injuries, such as heat and ice therapy. Still, it’s not out of the question to look elsewhere if there’s a chance something else can work better for some people than traditional methods.

What is Botox?

Ask anyone what Botox is, and they will most likely tell you that it’s a cosmetic injection used to get rid of wrinkles and lines. While, of course, that’s what it can do, there is more to this drug than meets the eye.

Botox, from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, is an injectable that inhibits muscle movement. Therefore, it has been used to treat several muscle-related conditions. In Australia, Botox is administered by registered medical professionals.

What the Research Says About Botox for Sports Injuries

You may not associate Botox with sports injuries, but research into it for treatment is promising. According to a study published in the Current Sports Medicine Reports journal, it can reduce chronic pain and even improve function in musculoskeletal conditions.

According to Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Dr. Clint Moore, Botox is ‘promising’ for pain relief and functional improvements. In particular, it may prove useful for tennis elbow, plantar fasciopathy, and knee osteoarthritis.


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Food You Thought Was Healthy but Isn’t

Marketing departments for food manufacturers can be quite creative. They market their products or recipes as healthy, but it’s not until you get into the nitty-gritty of those ingredients do you realise that the product is not as healthy as you might have thought.

So, if you’re trying to make healthier food choices, such as drinking less wine or eating fresh produce, then read on. Here are some foods that you may think are healthy, but aren’t as good as you thought.

Multi-Grain Bread

It’s true that multi-grain bread is probably a better option than plain white, but that doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest option available. In fact, it probably looks healthier than it actually is.

Many multi-grain bread varieties contain unbleached, enriched wheat flour. The enriched process can mean the manufacturer has removed nutrients from the grains during processing, then added them at the end.

Instead, opt for whole wheat or dark rye varieties, which tend to have less processing and more nutrients than their white counterparts.

Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter

You might think you’re doing your body a favour by purchasing reduced-fat peanut butter over its full-fat counterpart. Marketing companies are well and truly making their money in this respect. While you may see a reduction in fat, that’s not to say they haven’t made use of fillers and sugar to avoid losing flavour and substance.


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Signs of Deteriorating Mental Health Caused by Age Discrimination?

There are numerous things that can affect long-term mental health, and an unhappy workplace is just one of them. A lot of people experience various forms of discrimination while at work, which can lead to stress, anxiety, depression and much, much more.

Unfortunately, age discrimination is a relatively common problem that’s often just shoved under the rug. Seeing elderly employees being discriminated against because of their age is far from unusual.

If you do suffer from age discrimination in the workplace, there are two things you need to do:

  1. Ensure you speak to your manager or the relevant team members about your problems. If they aren’t addressed, seek legal advice.
  2. Consider speaking with a psychologist or other health professional if you think your long-term mental health is suffering.

All forms of discrimination can cause mental illness, and it’s important to be aware of the early signs. If you notice any of the following, it could definitely be worth seeking treatment.

Regularly Feeling Sad or Under the Weather

One common sign of a growing mental illness is regularly feeling sad or down. If your hormones or the chemicals inside your brain aren’t balanced correctly, you may experience unwanted feelings of sadness, which can leave you drained and out of energy.


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How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost in Australia?

Figuring out how much cataract surgery costs in Australia can be difficult, especially if you haven’t spoken to your local eye doctor yet. The cost of surgery can be quite high, especially if you decide to use a well-known doctor with a lot of experience in the region.

Additionally, it’s important to understand things like Medicare, private health insurance, and their relationship with cataract surgery and its costs. In the rest of this article we’re going to cover these topics and more, providing you with the information to make an informed estimate of how much you can expect to spend for your surgery.

How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost?

For starters, we think it’s important to look closely at how much cataract surgery costs and how much you can expect to spend. In general, there are a few things that will affect the cost of your cataract surgery, including:

  • The doctor you use and their experience.
  • The hospital costs.
  • Whether or not you’re covered by Medicare and/or private health insurance.

In general, cataract surgery in a private hospital without any insurance cover will cost you around $2500 per eye, but this can increase dramatically in some circumstances.


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How to Choose the Right Fitness Class for You

Deciding to work on your fitness is an excellent first step. You want to be happier, healthier, and excited about exercise. Now that you’ve decided on your intention, the next step is a little harder: working out what fitness class to join or getting your gym equipment out of storage. If you’re not quite sure, here are a few helpful considerations to make beforehand.


The average human is capable of many great ventures in life, but sometimes, your body can let you down. Old knee injury? Sore hip? Previous fracture or surgery? Understand your capabilities, first and foremost, so that you can match an exercise type to suit. Sometimes, it can take the guiding hand of a fitness instructor to help you realise what is going to work for you the best.

Available Time

With 40-hour workweeks, family commitments, and every other errand in between, spare time is not something most people have. Therefore, before you commit to any fitness class, find out what is likely to suit you the best. Will an early class be more to your liking or something that’s on once the kids are in bed? How about a lunch break class? These are all things to think about before you find the best exercise and fitness option for you.


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