How to Reconnect with Family After Drug Addiction

If you’ve battled with a drug and alcohol addiction, then you will probably have a few regrets. You may have even torn down some family bridges that seem irreparable on the surface. But after drug rehab, your outlook on life can ultimately appear brighter.

You’re free from the grasps of your chosen drug, and it’s now time to repair those bridges that came tumbling down while in the throes of addiction. Here are a few tips to help you reconnect with your family after drug rehab and post-addiction.

Take it Slow

You can’t waltz back into a loved one’s life and expect to be welcomed with open arms. To them, you will still be the same person who ruined your life with drugs and filled theirs with unnecessary stress. Before you make contact, ensure you understand that reconnecting with your family and friends will be a slow process.

Make Sure You’re Ready

Even though you’re clean, it’s paramount to avoid stress that could send you back into the path of drugs and alcohol. If reconnecting with your family could be more stress than you can handle right now, then wait. Have a support group around you and make sure you’re strong enough for confrontation. Otherwise, you can end up making a huge leap backward, instead of forward.

Family Counselling

It’s not always going to be easy to walk back into your family’s life. While you’ve been in rehab, they’ve been trying to carry on with life as best as they could. Consider the benefits of family counselling. You can meet and reconnect in a professional setting with someone to mediate the discussions. Family counselling and support sessions can also be ongoing and beneficial for both parties.

Write a Letter

When you meet with your loved ones face to face, it’s not always easy to get out everything you want to say. The words can get stuck, or you just don’t feel strong enough to tackle the issues in person. You can learn to reconnect with your family by first writing a letter. Talk about how you feel, clear the air, and discuss ways for reconnecting with them. Put the reunion option to them, but allow them to take the first step.

Give it Time

A hug and apology will not make everything better. Lower your expectations for your first meeting, and understand that re-connection and reunions take time and a lot of hard work. Be prepared to put in the hard yards to build up that relationship again.

Reconnecting with family after drug addiction is hard work. You have to take it slow, make sure you’re ready, and even consider family counselling. Drug rehab is the first step, and building bridges is the second. It’s going to be hard, but it’s bound to be worth it.