Are Dental Implant Procedures Safe?

One of the questions that the team at Davinci smiles gets asked often is, ‘Are dental implants Safe?’. In terms of the word ‘safe’, different patients are referring to different things. For some, it might be their oral health. Others might be worried about the aesthetic, especially general anaesthetic. And for others, they might be referring to the risks with regards to infection.

It is this third possibility that we will focus on most but let us touch briefly on the other two. First, very rarely will dental implants have any negative impact on someone’s oral health. If the dental implant becomes loose, then it is likely that there may have been some inherent weakness in their jawbone, or their bones in general, that was not apparent at the start of the process.

Also, we usually find that patients’ oral health, rather than diminish, is improved due to the patient having a renewed determination to keep their remaining teeth and their dental implants as healthy as possible.

When it comes to anaesthetic, whether it is a local or a general anaesthetic, here again, problems are an extreme rarity. Each of these is administered by a trained professional, and all safety protocols are in place, including ensuring that the patient is suitable, not only for dental implants but that having a general anaesthetic is not putting them at any risk whatsoever.


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7 Home Remedies That Can Relieve Toothache

One of the most common reasons for anyone to visit a Perth dentist is that they are suffering from toothache. Toothache can occur for a multitude of reasons, and it can last for just a few minutes, or continue all day. The extent of the pain can also differ, with some toothaches being slight and others being excruciatingly painful to the extent of causing a high degree of distress to the person suffering it.

Toothaches can begin at any time, and if you are at home, it might not be possible to see your dentists straight away. That means, until your appointment, you are going to have to suffer toothache. For some reading this, it will be a case of simply grinning and bearing it, but for others, the pain can be so severe that it means that you are unable to follow any of your normal routines.

Whichever end of the pain scale you find yourself, thankfully there are some home remedies for toothache you can use for some relief. Here are seven of the most effective home remedies for relieving toothache.

Rinsing With Salty Water: Salty water rinsing is one of the oldest remedies in existence for toothache, and as is often the case, the old remedies are usually the best. The water helps remove particles of food from your mouth and the salt acts as a disinfect. The solution should be made using a glass of lukewarm water and stirring in a teaspoon of salt.


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Why Regular Dental Check-ups Can Help Spot The Early Signs Of Oral Cancer

Whilst cancer is not exactly a joyful subject to discuss when it is discussed, people tend to think about cancers they hear about most often, such as lung and breast cancer. One type of cancer that is rarely talked about is oral cancer. Part of the reason might be that people were simply not aware that their mouth could be a target for cancerous cells or that their focus on oral health was towards avoiding cavities, not cancer.

As you may well know, illness and disease do not care whether someone is aware that they exist or not; thus, cancerous cells forming in someone’s mouth can occur whether they know of such an ailment or not. For those of you who know little of or were not aware of oral cancer, we do so not to frighten but to educate. Knowing the symptoms of an illness can often lead to early treatment and recovery.

Causes Of Oral Cancer

Most doctors will tell you that cancer can occur for seemingly no reason. It is truly awful when someone who seems in perfect health, eats well and does not partake in any harmful activities is suddenly blighted by it. However, it is also true that someone with an unhealthy lifestyle is more prone to cancer, and with oral cancer, certain activities are more likely to induce it, such as:

Smoking – Many cancers can be attributed to smoking in some way, and as your mouth is a part of your body filled with smoke with each inhale, it is little wonder that smoking is seen as a primary cause of oral cancer. Also, whilst an increasingly rare activity, the use of chewing tobacco also increases the risk. ​


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How to Design the Perfect Set of Teeth

The modern world is now so advanced that you can design almost anything. You can design a home from the ground up, a baby in a test tube, and even dog breeds. Therefore, it makes sense that your dentist, Joondalup City Dental, can help you design the perfect set of teeth. Here’s how to go about it.

Have a Check-Up

The first step to design the perfect set of teeth is to have a check-up. You and your dentist won’t know the work that lies ahead of you until you find out what’s wrong, what they can fix, and how to make your pearly whites the picture of perfection.

During a check-up, your dentist will perform a clean, check for cavities, decay, and plaque, and perform x-rays. From here, he or she can get a picture and idea of the best approach going forward.

Consider Teeth Whitening

According to a Bupa study with 2,000 participants, 28 percent of people don’t smile in photos because they don’t like their teeth. Could teeth whitening change that? Ask your dentist whether in-chair teeth whitening could be for you. Within a few hours and with high-concentrate dentist bleach, you can enjoy pearly whites you may not have seen in years.

Straighten Up

No one is born with perfectly straight teeth. There is bound to be at least one or two that are mildly crooked or don’t look as perfect as they could. Your dentist can change that with Invisalign. Invisalign are invisible braces that are more convenient, often quicker, and easier to manage than many traditional braces. You’ll have a perfectly straight set of teeth in no time.


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Dental Implants versus Veneers – Which is Best?

You would be surprised at the number of people who are not happy with their teeth. They shy away from smiling in photos and even lack the confidence to be themselves around new people. Low self-esteem from poor oral health can result in missed opportunities in many facets of life.

If you’re determined to get a set of pearly whites of which you can be proud, then you may be wondering what options are available. There are many, including dental implants and veneers. But if you’re trying to decide which will work for you, then how do you choose? Read on to learn more.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an option for those who have a severely damaged, decayed, or missing tooth. Your dentist may not be able to save your tooth but may be able to replace it with an implant. An implant is a titanium root that a dentist inserts into your jawbone below the gumline. A natural-looking tooth is then attached to the top of it.

A dental implant functions the same as your natural tooth. You can chew with it, smile with confidence, and brush it as you usually would. No one would ever know unless you told them that it’s not your tooth.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are an option for those who have chipped, cracked, damaged, gappy, or stained teeth not beyond repair. Your dentist may not see the need for an extraction and dental implant, but they might recommend a thin, porcelain dental veneer that adheres to your natural tooth.


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Best Teeth Whitening Options

When you see celebrities in movies and on TV sporting sparkling, white teeth, you may wonder if yours could ever look like that. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a movie star to have beautiful teeth. Teeth whitening is a standard and widely available option at almost any dental clinic. There are also several products available that can help with the process too.

Read on to learn about some of the best teeth whitening options available. Some, as you will discover, are better than others.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening

Out of all options, in-chair teeth whitening would have to be one of the most preferred and effective. During the treatment, your dentist applies the whitening gel, which remains on your teeth for a specified period. Sometimes, a UV light is used to cure it as well. The process can take a few hours, but your teeth are noticeably whiter. In-chair teeth whitening can last for around a year.

Take-Home Kits

Take-home kits are custom-fitted mouthguards with whitening gel supplied by your dentist. The dentist will take impressions of your teeth in the first appointment, then bring you back to fit the guard and provide the gel.

These kits are a preference by many people as they produce dentist-quality results but from the comfort of your home. The process can take longer than in-chair teeth whitening, but the concentration of the dentist-supplied gel means you can notice definite whitening within days.


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