Negative Calorie Food that Might Work for You

When you are working on losing weight, eating well, and improving your health, you will become quite familiar with the notion of calorie counting. It’s the process of identifying the caloric figure of your food so that you can make an informed decision about eating it or not.

For example, if a piece of cake has 400 calories, you would need to burn off 400 calories. Weight loss is about burning off more than you consume with a healthy diet and exercise. That’s where negative calorie food comes in. While you won’t find cake on this list, you will find a few delicious snacks that your body uses more calories to digest it than what you get from consuming it.


Watermelon is a delicious summer treat, and it’s also one that can prove useful during weight loss. It makes you feel full, boasts vitamins and nutrients such as protein and fibre, and even increases your feelings of energy. What’s more, it has few calories but can help you to burn fat. You can consume watermelon on its own or as part of a healthy fruit salad. It can well and truly put you on the path to eating well.


Cucumbers feature in most salads, and they are both delicious and a great way to remain hydrated. However, that’s not all a cucumber can do. These vitamin C-rich vegetables help your body to burn calories, while not making you consume all that many in the process. Cucumbers are also an excellent way in which to boost your body’s bacteria and virus resistance.


Grapefruit is an ideal fruit for your digestive health, but there are also many other benefits hidden beneath its skin. It’s 60 percent water to improve your hydration, and the remainder is fibre. It also boosts your metabolism and helps you feel full. Before you consume grapefruit, it’s essential to read the labels on any medication you are taking, as grapefruit juice can interfere with the effectiveness of some drugs.


Celery contains around 16 calories per 100 grams, which is not a lot, to begin with. However, because it contains so much fibre, folate, and vitamins, as well as 75 percent water, your body uses more calories trying to digest it than it gets from the food itself. Therefore, if you are trying to exercise and eat well to improve your health, celery snacks could be an excellent option for you.

Women should consume around 2,000 calories per day, but about 1,500 if they want to lose weight. Men need 2,500 calories, but 2,000 to lose weight. While it’s essential to take note of your calorie consumption for weight loss, it’s also imperative that you don’t let food control your life. Consume a healthy, balanced diet, and enjoy most things in moderation.